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Monday, August 18, 2008

Sweet Big Sister

This is all I have to blog about from the weekend since Sam decided to work Sat (mostly helping Czar weld - guess they had fun) and Sunday was a quick trip to PC for Sam and myself for lunch and errands while the kids hung out with my parents. BUT, I thought this little story from Sat night was adorable.Saturday evening Kaitlyn announced that she was going to make Tyler dinner. Fine with me - I didn't want to cook! :) So she pulled out the bread, spread on the jam, cut it into 4 pieces, put it on a plate and told Tyler to eat. And he gobbled it up! (If I knew it were that easy to get him to eat I would have had Katy doing the cooking long ago!) When he was finished, my little girl took his plate, rinsed it in the sink, and proceeded to scrub Ty down. Then they went back to his room to play, Kaitlyn requesting on the way that I get her dance shoes out of the closet for them. She put her tap shoes on Ty, put her ballet shoes on and set up her little tape player with the tape Mom made all the dancers for Christmas of the songs they do in class. They outfitted themselves with crown and fairy wands and proceeded to dance around. Surprisingly, Kaitlyn remembered at least some of the steps to each dance. Halfway through the tape the dances change to Tap, so Katy switched shoes with Tyler and they danced some more. That was about the time they decided Mommy was distracting them or something and they kicked me out of the room so they could be alone. But I did manage to grab this photo of them dancing to "Me and My Teddy Bear" before Ty shut the door in my face.
And a short video of the moment - silly memory card was in the video camera and the internal memory on the camera gets filled up fast.

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Christina said...

Aww thats just too sweet!