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Saturday, May 23, 2009

10 Years!

We've hit one of those milestones in life - our 10 year anniversary! If it wasn't official before, we are now an Old Married Couple. That means we are in bed by 10:00 every night. We use date night to do the grocery shopping (anything without the kids qualifies as a date right?). And the majority of our conversations include something about the kids.

On the other hand, we have also become
-the parents of two wonderful, incredible children that make us so very happy
-a terrific team. I think we have learned to work really well together, whether it be as parents, on household projects, or making big decisions.
-an integral part of each other's lives. We can and have lived apart for extended periods (thanks to the military) and we are fine being independant. But life sure does feel better when we're a part of each other's daily life.
I never get too mushy on the blog, but I will say that I married a great guy and am looking forward to celebrating the next big milestone in our lives together.
I love you Sweetie!
(the photos were taken for us by Kaitlyn)

Friday, May 15, 2009

Kaitlyn's Preschool Graduation

It's official. Kaitlyn is completely finished with preschool. I think it is bittersweet for both of us. Kaitlyn says she will miss her teacher. And I realized last night, that I'm going to be one of those parents that cries after dropping her off on her first day of kindergarten. I would have sworn that I would just take it in stride, but after finding myself in tears at least 3 times during the 30 minute ceremony (though it was a really dirty trick of them to play that country song that says "let them be little." Who doesn't cry at that one?) ...well, I'm just going to plan on bracing myself for any emotions that may arise that day.

A lot of work went into this graduation. The kids have been learning their nursery rhymes and finger plays for weeks now. They also spent a day painting shirts for everyone to wear at the ceremony. And of course the rehearsal the morning of.
It was a great little ceremony. The kids all trooped in from the back to the afore-mentioned tear-inducing music. They led us in the pledge of alliengce, then showed off a couple of their finger plays.
Then came the part Kaitlyn had been dreading. Kaitlyn was a little - ok a lot - nervous as the day had progressed because she was scared to say her nursery rhyme (each child had prepared one) in front of "everyone's moms and dads." But when her turn came she bravely stood up and intrudoced herself, told everyone who her parents are, and recited The Itsy Bitsy Spider without any problems (though I did notice her teacher put her arm around her for extra support). You could tell how relieved she was when she sat down and knew the worst part was over. And you could see how proud of herself she was.
The kids honored us with another finger play and then teacher gave a very nice little speach. Then each diploma was given out and each child received a binder with some of their work from the year and a picture frame with a couple of photos in it. We also hear a little bio each child had helped fill out (some of their fav things, what they wanted to be when they grew up, etc) Then they wound things up with a slide show (containing That Song again - aaa!) of photos from the year and cookies.
The whole thing was practically perfect, I thought - short and sweet with plenty of special touches. Great job Miss Myndi! And WOOOHOOOO Kaitlyn!! You're such a big girl!

Mother's Day

There are some days (and usually a small part of every day if I'm paying attention) that make my job as a mom seem worth it. Mother's Day, in part, was one of them thanks to my sweetheart of a daughter. I just know she's going to be the one in the family that reminds everyone of upcoming birthdays and holidays and then talks her dad into taking her shopping for a gift.
Kaitlyn had been scheming for at least a week before Mother's Day and had instructed me multiple times that I was not to wake up "until the sun is up." Not hard to guess what she was planning. But I complied and "slept in" for another 20 minutes after Sam got up that morning. Kaitlyn pulled herself out of bed and blearily met Sam in the hallway (he said her face was priceless) at 6:30 - almost an hour before she usually wakes up. They made pink waffles and Katy signed the card for everyone, then she carried everything in to me on her tray. It was so cute.
We then devoted much of the rest of the day to spending time with some of the other important mothers in our lives. We had brunch with Sam's family. And my family took my mom out to dinner. A busy, but nice day.

Too bad that despite our best attempts (twice) I didn't end up with one really good photo of me with the kids.