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Monday, May 31, 2010

Pet Parade

My mom is the recreation director at the local rest home now and one of their recent activities was a pet parade. And of course if my mom does it, my kids are always involved :) They actually spend quite a bit of time there playing games with the "old folks."

Kaitlyn was quite excited for the pet event. She spent quite a few days "training" Tuffy at Grandma's house. And even more days talking about it. They even went so far as to make capes for the dogs to wear.

When they got there, they took the dogs around for all the residents to see. Then they each took turns introducing themselves and their pet (one little boy brought a bunny) and showing off their tricks.

One more trip around the room, then they all got ribbons and lollipops (including the residents who I'm told all have huge sweet tooths). And the kids and animals all posed for photos - with their prizes and with a resident.

Ty and Gram (my grandma).

Ty had a lot of fun with this guy - and the guy was having just as much fun. They were playing catch with the hula hoop and then a ball for quite a while. We ended up staying lots later than everyone else because I didn't want to ruin their fun.

Last day of Kindergarten!

First Day of School
Last Day of School

Wow, she's come a long way. She's done a lot of growing up this year and a whole lot of learning. I'm amazed at how quickly she picks things up and so proud of how well she's done in school.

The kindergarten did a little program on their last day of school. Just a few little songs and rhymes. It was ok. Just ok. Because this is what our view was like, the very few times the crowd parted.

I guess you have to be there an entire hour ahead of time and hope to get a seat on the front row. So I spent the whole program holding the video camera above my head and watching Kaitlyn perform on the little screen. She's very serious about performing - doesn't smile much.

I did manage to get her to sing her favorite song for the camera afterward. Not sure how it turned out either as I recall Ty tapping me on the arm asking for things the whole time. Ahhh, guess that's how life works when there isn't someone around to run interference. Still, she enjoyed the day and was so proud of herself and that's all that matters.

I need to do one of those quizes on the first and last days of school - favorite things, what you want to be when you grow up, who is your best friend... That would make for a much interesting post, doncha think? :)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

This is the Place

Kaitlyn was dead set on having me go with her on her final field trip this year. So, as ordered, last Thursday we packed our lunches and climbed on the (crowded and noisy) bus and off we went with the rest of the Kindergarten to This is the Place State Park, where we learned a little bit about the poineers.

The animals

The chores

(See the kid in the green? That's Kyler, the boy Katy is "in love" with. Or at least she was 3 weeks ago. I kinda think he likes her too (in that kindergarten you're-a-fun-friend way for both of them) - I noticed he was nearby in most of the photos I took.)

Some of it they enjoyed. Most of it they just endured so they could make it to lunchtime and have a picnic (which they asked about every 5 min from the time we arrived).
Everyone's favorite part was the train ride after lunch.

The biggest thing I noticed was how easy they all were to be around. Sure there were a couple of crazy boys but I wasn't in charge of them. The rest of the kids in Kaitlyn's class were very friendly and had fun playing with each other, no matter who they were nearby at the moment.

Here is Katy and her best buds of that particular day, Sydney and Violet. They insisted on multiple photos so each of them could pose on each location.
I'm glad Kaitlyn has so many great friends. And I'm glad my class duties are done for the year - that was one long, loud, crazy bus ride home!

Dancin' Darlins

I played photographer again for the upcoming dance recital. Honestly I was a bit freaked when I tried to get Katy to pose for me the day before and couldn't get a single decent shot.

Then I got even more freaked when I was trying to place all the little ones and no one wanted to leave their moms and if they did, they didn't want to pose at all. 16 of them all told and maybe 4 that were cooperating fully (though Ty was one thank goodness - the little monkey had the biggest grin in every single photo. I'm so proud). However, I had the foresight to bring Katy's silly, ugly, noisy monkey that drew their attention and make at least half of them smile long enough for me to get an okay shot.

Grandma Jackson made Ty's vest for him. Thanks Grandma!
Kaitlyn's class was a total breeze after that. Just look at those adorable girls.

We bought the skirts and leotards for these but I did make the sashes, flowers and hairbows.

T-minus 3 weeks until the recital! And we've lost Kaitlyn's ballet shoes. Plus Ty doesn't have tap shoes. He grew out of the ones he was wearing and when I pulled the next size out of storage it disappeared. We think it may have ended up in the DI bag by mistake. So sad. I really don't want to replace either pair at this point.