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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Dancin' Darlins

I played photographer again for the upcoming dance recital. Honestly I was a bit freaked when I tried to get Katy to pose for me the day before and couldn't get a single decent shot.

Then I got even more freaked when I was trying to place all the little ones and no one wanted to leave their moms and if they did, they didn't want to pose at all. 16 of them all told and maybe 4 that were cooperating fully (though Ty was one thank goodness - the little monkey had the biggest grin in every single photo. I'm so proud). However, I had the foresight to bring Katy's silly, ugly, noisy monkey that drew their attention and make at least half of them smile long enough for me to get an okay shot.

Grandma Jackson made Ty's vest for him. Thanks Grandma!
Kaitlyn's class was a total breeze after that. Just look at those adorable girls.

We bought the skirts and leotards for these but I did make the sashes, flowers and hairbows.

T-minus 3 weeks until the recital! And we've lost Kaitlyn's ballet shoes. Plus Ty doesn't have tap shoes. He grew out of the ones he was wearing and when I pulled the next size out of storage it disappeared. We think it may have ended up in the DI bag by mistake. So sad. I really don't want to replace either pair at this point.

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Cheri said...

Love the costumes! So cute!