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Monday, May 31, 2010

Pet Parade

My mom is the recreation director at the local rest home now and one of their recent activities was a pet parade. And of course if my mom does it, my kids are always involved :) They actually spend quite a bit of time there playing games with the "old folks."

Kaitlyn was quite excited for the pet event. She spent quite a few days "training" Tuffy at Grandma's house. And even more days talking about it. They even went so far as to make capes for the dogs to wear.

When they got there, they took the dogs around for all the residents to see. Then they each took turns introducing themselves and their pet (one little boy brought a bunny) and showing off their tricks.

One more trip around the room, then they all got ribbons and lollipops (including the residents who I'm told all have huge sweet tooths). And the kids and animals all posed for photos - with their prizes and with a resident.

Ty and Gram (my grandma).

Ty had a lot of fun with this guy - and the guy was having just as much fun. They were playing catch with the hula hoop and then a ball for quite a while. We ended up staying lots later than everyone else because I didn't want to ruin their fun.

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