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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Easter Weekend

Eggs, eggs and more eggs! This year Easter included:

-Easter basket delivery from Oma Rhonda on Thursday. The kids had to dig through the pile of candy to get to the hidden eggs (filled with coins)
-an egg hunt at the rest home (after dance class) Friday. (I stole the photo from my friend Teshia because I was out shopping with Bonnie at the time)

-an egg hunt courtesy of Bonnie and Wyatt on Saturday with eggs all over Gma and Gpa's house, even glow in the dark ones in some of the rooms. Aside from candy they got some fun toys like bubbles and sidewalk chalk. Plus bunny ears, hula hoops, and a silly kangaroo hat (for Ty - Katy got a necklace) from Grandma.
-egg decorating at home Saturday afternoon

-a visit from the Easter Bunny! The loot included plenty of candy, fruit snacks, drink mixes, small toys, stamps, pens, jump ropes, giant bubble wands, and new soccer balls
-brunch and an egg hunt with the Caldwell clan, along with goodie bags for everyone from Grandma

It must be said - this year the kids got totally spoiled :)

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Kaitlyn was so excited to be able to play soccer this year. And she loves it. She happily dresses up in her neon, day-glo yellow, really really bright uniforms every Tuesday and Thursday for games and runs and runs on the "field" (considering how much snow we are still getting I'm so glad they moved the little kids inside this year) the entire game. While she's not aggressive, per se (after the first game we had to tell her that she didn't have to be "nice" or take turns in soccer) she is on the ball more than most players. Soccer at this age is, at best, chaotic. The kids have a lot to learn but are so much fun to watch. Kaitlyn smiles the whole time, no matter what happens. And she is improving too. She scored her first goal at her second game!