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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Pool Party

School's out and summer has begun!

There is Miss Kate on her last day of 1st grade.

And what better way to start the summer than a pool party with friends?! The kids and I spent last Friday and Saturday at Audrey's house and most of that time was in their pool. We had an absolute blast!

Lulu hung out by the pool too...

just in case someone was in the mood to squirt her. She couldn't get enough of that and the kids thought it was funny.

I only took out the camera 2 or 3 times, but got lots and lots of fun photos. Enjoy

At first Tyler was a bit wary of the water, but in no time he was going off the slide and diving board all by himself. I think doubling up on the life jacket and floaty made him feel more safe because he pretty much insisted on this combo the whole time.

And he had a buddy. Isabelle designated herself as Tyler's "lifeguard" and followed him around most of the time. It was cute.

Kaitlyn on the other hand had no fear (a complete switch from both of their usual personalities) and loved going off the diving board and slide.
We went through lots and lots of OtterPops and a giant container of Cheese Puffs.

And there's that cute baby! Lillian took two really long naps and missed out on most of the swimming. But the time she was in the pool she seemed to really enjoy.