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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Fun

It was a pretty typical, though very enjoyable Easter weekend for us this year. We spent it at home, just the 4 of us. Let the kids decorate eggs on Saturday, of course.

Kaitlyn put plenty of thought into how she wanted each egg to look. Tyler pretty much just randomly colored the eggs and copied a lot of what he saw his sister do.

Kaitlyn insisted these to had to be kissing at all times.

Easter morning was quite the event. The Easter Bunny was nearly as generous as the Santa this year. He filled the kids' new Easter buckets with new beach towels, water bottles, bubbles and toys and left many many eggs hidden in the yard.

These giant eggs were great. The biggest ones had more beach towels and the other held more water bottles, swimming goggles, and sunglasses.

There were WAY more eggs than the kids had room for in their buckets. Even after using their "back up" Easter baskets that Wyatt and Bonnie sent this year, they still had to put the excess eggs in plastic bags.

The sorting session: Tyler mostly at the candy while Kaitlyn and I opened all the eggs. The kids got candy, Silly Bandz, drink mixes. Cars and plastic construction guys for Tyler, nail polish, pens, dry erase markers and erasers for Kaitlyn.

A few weeks before Easter Kaitlyn had told us that she wanted to do a treasure hunt like the leprechauns had done in March. She even went so far as to write up clues for everything and instruct me to use them when Easter came. So after we had breakfast, we used did the treasure hunt. The kids could not run from clue to clue fast enough - they were so hyper.

The prize at the end were the Easter gifts from Sam and myself and from Gma and Gpa Marchant.
We gave them several sets of summer clothing and kick boards for the pool. Clothes and toys from the grandparents.

After all the excitement it was time for Sam and I to take advantage of the weather and finish putting up our fence. The kids impressed us by playing REALLY well together the entire rest of the day. Side by side the whole time, exploring their new stuff and being so nice to each other. Amazing and so adorable. No fighting or getting upset with each other AT ALL.

Tyler said "Mommy, me and Kaitlyn are best friends together."
They ended the night cuddled up in the same chair with Kaitlyn reading the bedtime story. The next morning the first thing they did was sit in that same chair and read books together.

Gotta love holiday weekends.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Another visit from Grandma

Grandma just can't stay away! It's been just under 2 months since her last visit (and that long since I updated - ack! Guess there wasn't anything big going on. Check the 365 blog if you want to see the little stuff). This time she came alone, and we decided to keep it pretty low key. We did some shopping, worked on some stuff around the house, took the kids to a movie, did some more shopping...

Mom spend a LOT of time this trip having one on one time with the kids. She had brought some art projects to work on with them, some preschool type stuff to do with Ty, and I printed out some photos and they made little albums. She handled homework with Kaitlyn and bedtimes pretty much every night. And also watched the kids while Sam and I had a date night, and spent time with Ty one day while I got a haircut.

Mom had instructions from Bonnie to make sure the kids opened the Easter package she and Wyatt sent. So one of the days we did that. The kids loved it. Wyatt and Bon know some of their preferences really well. Exhibit One: a Hello Kitty basket for Kaitlyn

Tyler's basket was a fire truck. He carried that thing everywhere with him for days.

They also got some fun art kits, which they immediately opened up and went to work on.

I tried to give Mom some of the things she's been wanting to try. She got tacos from the little stand on the corner. We all went to the Chinese buffet that she loved last time. And one day I gave in and let her explore one of the cemetaries. These are everywhere around here - these little random cemetaries in the middle of a field with no rhyme or reason for them to be there.

Mom didn't mind just being there while we dealt with our projects. Sam started building the fence while she was here. Tyler helped a little on that. Kaitlyn and Grandma watched from the screen porch and painted their nails :)

I'd apologize to Mom for only catching photos of her when she was in her grungies, but it's her own fault she changes into comfy/ugly clothes any time we are just hanging out at home.
That's it. Just wanted to post some of the random photos from the visit. Mom is now back in UT with the snow (hehe) and we're almost ready to spend Spring Break at the Beach. It was great having her here while it lasted!