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Monday, April 25, 2011

Another visit from Grandma

Grandma just can't stay away! It's been just under 2 months since her last visit (and that long since I updated - ack! Guess there wasn't anything big going on. Check the 365 blog if you want to see the little stuff). This time she came alone, and we decided to keep it pretty low key. We did some shopping, worked on some stuff around the house, took the kids to a movie, did some more shopping...

Mom spend a LOT of time this trip having one on one time with the kids. She had brought some art projects to work on with them, some preschool type stuff to do with Ty, and I printed out some photos and they made little albums. She handled homework with Kaitlyn and bedtimes pretty much every night. And also watched the kids while Sam and I had a date night, and spent time with Ty one day while I got a haircut.

Mom had instructions from Bonnie to make sure the kids opened the Easter package she and Wyatt sent. So one of the days we did that. The kids loved it. Wyatt and Bon know some of their preferences really well. Exhibit One: a Hello Kitty basket for Kaitlyn

Tyler's basket was a fire truck. He carried that thing everywhere with him for days.

They also got some fun art kits, which they immediately opened up and went to work on.

I tried to give Mom some of the things she's been wanting to try. She got tacos from the little stand on the corner. We all went to the Chinese buffet that she loved last time. And one day I gave in and let her explore one of the cemetaries. These are everywhere around here - these little random cemetaries in the middle of a field with no rhyme or reason for them to be there.

Mom didn't mind just being there while we dealt with our projects. Sam started building the fence while she was here. Tyler helped a little on that. Kaitlyn and Grandma watched from the screen porch and painted their nails :)

I'd apologize to Mom for only catching photos of her when she was in her grungies, but it's her own fault she changes into comfy/ugly clothes any time we are just hanging out at home.
That's it. Just wanted to post some of the random photos from the visit. Mom is now back in UT with the snow (hehe) and we're almost ready to spend Spring Break at the Beach. It was great having her here while it lasted!