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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Grandma and Grandpa's First Visit - The Beach

My parents were able to come visit us last month, for a week. Our first guests! And a good excuse for us to play like we were on a bit of a vacation too.

The first couple days were weekdays, so Tyler got to spend a lot of time playing one on one with his grandpa, which they both LOVED. Ty always wants to be like grandpa and do what he does. First thing they did was pull out Tyler's cowboy boots and hat and he wore them the whole week they were here.
After Kaitlyn got home she would play with Grandma and we would all have dinner together then play games. Grandma and Kaitlyn even made caramel popcorn for us one night.

It was beautiful weather their entire visit so we took full advantage of that. The screen porch and it's new table and chairs got broken in.
And on the weekend we got out to see the sights. We even took a day trip out to the beach.
We're less than a 2 hour's drive from Wilmington, which means there are quite a few beaches that are fairly close and we can't wait to explore them all. We chose Wrightsville Beach for this trip. The water was too cold to swim in, but the kids had a lot of fun run in and out of the waves and playing in the sand.

Tyler fell in the water quite a few times and each time he'd run back to us so we could warm him up in a towel for a few minutes, then soon he was off running again until the next time he got soaked.

I just can't get over that we were out at the beach, in FEBRUARY, without jackets on. Crazy. But oh so fun. There are definite perks to living here and I hope we manage to take full advantage of them - and make sure our visitors get to enjoy them too. We've got an empty guest room and are taking reservations... :)