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Monday, May 31, 2010

Last day of Kindergarten!

First Day of School
Last Day of School

Wow, she's come a long way. She's done a lot of growing up this year and a whole lot of learning. I'm amazed at how quickly she picks things up and so proud of how well she's done in school.

The kindergarten did a little program on their last day of school. Just a few little songs and rhymes. It was ok. Just ok. Because this is what our view was like, the very few times the crowd parted.

I guess you have to be there an entire hour ahead of time and hope to get a seat on the front row. So I spent the whole program holding the video camera above my head and watching Kaitlyn perform on the little screen. She's very serious about performing - doesn't smile much.

I did manage to get her to sing her favorite song for the camera afterward. Not sure how it turned out either as I recall Ty tapping me on the arm asking for things the whole time. Ahhh, guess that's how life works when there isn't someone around to run interference. Still, she enjoyed the day and was so proud of herself and that's all that matters.

I need to do one of those quizes on the first and last days of school - favorite things, what you want to be when you grow up, who is your best friend... That would make for a much interesting post, doncha think? :)

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Audrey said...

They grow up too fast!