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Sunday, May 16, 2010

This is the Place

Kaitlyn was dead set on having me go with her on her final field trip this year. So, as ordered, last Thursday we packed our lunches and climbed on the (crowded and noisy) bus and off we went with the rest of the Kindergarten to This is the Place State Park, where we learned a little bit about the poineers.

The animals

The chores

(See the kid in the green? That's Kyler, the boy Katy is "in love" with. Or at least she was 3 weeks ago. I kinda think he likes her too (in that kindergarten you're-a-fun-friend way for both of them) - I noticed he was nearby in most of the photos I took.)

Some of it they enjoyed. Most of it they just endured so they could make it to lunchtime and have a picnic (which they asked about every 5 min from the time we arrived).
Everyone's favorite part was the train ride after lunch.

The biggest thing I noticed was how easy they all were to be around. Sure there were a couple of crazy boys but I wasn't in charge of them. The rest of the kids in Kaitlyn's class were very friendly and had fun playing with each other, no matter who they were nearby at the moment.

Here is Katy and her best buds of that particular day, Sydney and Violet. They insisted on multiple photos so each of them could pose on each location.
I'm glad Kaitlyn has so many great friends. And I'm glad my class duties are done for the year - that was one long, loud, crazy bus ride home!

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Cheri said...

My kids love going there. The best part is the play ground with the little town! Looks like everyone had a great time!