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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day

It wasn't planned but I did take the kids to the cemetary yesterday because I thought the flags looked cool and I wanted a closer look. It turned into a bit of a learning experience for Kaitlyn, who was full of questions. Once I realized she was interested I loaded them back into the car and took them to the cemetary where my grandpa is burried. In the car I explained about Memorial Day and remembering people that have passed away. She had a lot of questions about how/why people die, which I think I handled without upsetting her. At one point she said "but not kids though right?" Minefield on that one, huh? I just told her yes, sometimes kids get sick or hurt too.
We found my grandpa's grave and the kids thought it was pretty neat. This is Ty pointing to my Dad's name on the list of his children that is on the back of the headstone. He thought that was cool of course and even more cool was the cowboy statue someone had left by my great uncle's headstone nearby.
By that point Kaitlyn was recognizing the Marchants all over so we spent some time going up and down a few rows with her spotting them and me reading out names and dates. I found myself wondering about the connections and stories behind all of them. Not enough to want to look them up, but enough to make me think for a minute and appreciate the day for what it was intended.

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