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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Princess Kaitlyn

Last night was the Kamas Valley Fiesta Days Princess Program. Kaitlyn has been practicing for it all week and was SO excited. We spent the day getting her all prettied up (when we weren't just relaxing) - experimenting with hairstyles and painting her nails and glittering her toes, make up and of course her princess jewelry.
It was a cute little program (Princess and the Frog theme). The girls started off with a dance number.
Then it was time for their "interview question." Kaitlyn was asked what her favorite dance move is. Her response was "twirl" and demonstrated one when they asked.
They did a photo slide show while the girls got changed into their "evening gowns" for their big introduction and the presentation of their sashes and tiaras.

And they finished it off with one more dance number.
I remember being in the Princess Contest when I was 6. It's a fun tradition. Except they used to pick winners and now they don't, which I think works out better for this age. They are all just to happy to get dressed up and get their tiaras. Kaitlyn didn't want to take hers off last night. And you can tell she felt SO special. She said "Mom, I was the prettiest one up there, wasn't I?"


Audrey said...

So sweet! What a fun thing for the little girls to do. I hope Sam made it home in time.

Cheri said...

I remember being in the Princess contest! So much fun! Katy looked very pretty!