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Wednesday, June 30, 2010


We had a fantastic time at Lagoon on Sunday. Rhonda and Dave's grandchilren are in town and they, along with my parents, all went with us. And I have to say - it went so much better than I thought it would. Not that I thought it would go badly, it's just that the kids were so pleasant and had so much fun - we were amazed.

The kids are at a great age right now for things like this. Everything is exciting and it's easy to keep them happy. And we're past needing to worry about naps or bringing diapers along. Plus the adults outnumbered the kids :) That meant not only that we had plenty of hands to deal with things, but Sam and I got to sneak away a couple times and ride the big rides. We haven't ridden an amusement park ride alone together in...um...oh yeah, since Disney World in HIGH SCHOOL.

The kids rode one ride after another. I think bumper cars were one of the favorites, along with the baby rollercoaster. Emma was pretty brave and excited to ride the big rollercoasters but we had a hard time finding one that she was tall enough to ride. Eventually we did though (after Dave and Rhonda had left with the little one so he could get a nap) and managed to talk Kaitlyn into riding it with us (it required us to bribe her with cotton candy). Turns out that when we ask her now what ride she would ride first next time we go, the big coaster is the one she picks. Just goes to show that Mom and Dad are usually right and SHE SHOULD HAVE LISTENED TO US (we tell her this all the time haha).

We finally admitted we were tired at 6PM and headed home after letting Katy and Ty get soaked in the fountain. (Ty LOVED it. Emma wasn't enthused about getting wet) Grabbed some dinner and were home just in time for bedtime. Perfect.

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