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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Under Water

It's like someone flipped a switch and said "here's summer!" We had fairly hot temps over the weekend and daily thunderstorms on top of it. Add that to the cold, cold, snow, cold we had only 2 weeks ago and we end up with this.

And this. (that is not a river - usually it's an open field!)

All up and down the Weber river they have been seeing flooding since Monday (today is Wed). It's at the highest during early morning (think 6AM) and even over the road in places, including the main road in Oakley all the way to the Polar King. They have been sand-bagging like crazy and pulling trees out from under bridges and all kinds of damage control. It retreats a little as the day goes on, so that helps a bit with the recovery efforts. The photos with the dates on them were taken on Monday around 9AM, after some of the water had gone down.

We went back out on Tuesday morning (again, 9:30 by the time we made it out so the water was lower than peak) to check out the Provo river down at Rock Cliff. We took my mom with us and it turned into kind of a fun family outing. The kids loved walking along the boardwalk

though at first Ty was scared to step on the cracks :)

and seeing all the water and everything.

We saw a lot of little squirrels that kept running across the path. The kids had a blast trying to catch one.

Mom told Ty to pose on this stump - muscle man poses no less :)

And no, we are nowhere near the river so the flood didn't affect us...until yesterday. The city culinary water, which includes ours, is contaminated and we have to boil it before use until further notice. Ugh

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Cheri said...

That is so crazy! I've never seen it flood in Oakley like that before. Hopefully it goes down quickly and you'll be able to use your water!