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Saturday, May 23, 2009

10 Years!

We've hit one of those milestones in life - our 10 year anniversary! If it wasn't official before, we are now an Old Married Couple. That means we are in bed by 10:00 every night. We use date night to do the grocery shopping (anything without the kids qualifies as a date right?). And the majority of our conversations include something about the kids.

On the other hand, we have also become
-the parents of two wonderful, incredible children that make us so very happy
-a terrific team. I think we have learned to work really well together, whether it be as parents, on household projects, or making big decisions.
-an integral part of each other's lives. We can and have lived apart for extended periods (thanks to the military) and we are fine being independant. But life sure does feel better when we're a part of each other's daily life.
I never get too mushy on the blog, but I will say that I married a great guy and am looking forward to celebrating the next big milestone in our lives together.
I love you Sweetie!
(the photos were taken for us by Kaitlyn)


Cartier Family said...

Congrats you two! And to think it all started by checking the time...and now look at how fast time has gone by!
Tell Katy she does really well with the camera, as well!

Cheri said...

10 years! Congrats to both of you. I love that Katy took the pictures. Hope you had an awesome Anniversary!

Audrey said...

Congratulations you guys! You look great what a good picture of the two of you:)

JenE said...

10 years is a big milestone. Joe and I celebrated 10 yrs this past October! Congrats to you guys! Great pics Katy, hope you'll take them in another 10 years!! Happy Anniversary!

Blog Author - Jacalyn Roundy said...

Happy Anniversary! You two are great together and the pics are cute too.