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Friday, August 22, 2008

Just like my sister

The older Tyler gets, the more fun I have watching my two kids together. Kaitlyn takes care of him and he thinks she's the best. He has been copying what Kaitlyn does a lot lately and I think it's so cute (except of course when she shows him something dangerous - as if he needs any help with that!).


Cheri and Sterling said...

It's so cute that he loves to be just like his sister! Hopefully they'll always be that close!

Christina said...

I love the picture of Ty on Katy's back! His grin is adorable!

Cartier Family said...

You're right...I can't seem to keep up with you and all of your blogging! =) Looks like the last couple of weeks have been fun!!!

Audrey said...

It just gets better as they get older! I tell you once they are past the "baby stage" it is so much easier to have two than it would be to just have one. Never underestimate the importance of a built in playmate!