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Friday, August 1, 2008

The rest of our long weekend

Due to the holiday we ended up having a 4 day weekend. We took advantage of it by doing a lot of playing. On Friday we went down to the city to get Tyler's photos taken (turned out cute! but I don't have the prints back yet). Then we grabbed a quick lunch and headed to a fun park for the kids' first time playing miniature golf.
Tyler, as usual was all over the place - usally right in the way when we wanted to take a shot. :)
Kaitlyn refused any help and did it all herself, using her own technique. I think it took her 5-6 shots (at least) per hole but she really enjoyed herself.
Sam and I weren't feeling very competitive - hard to be when your attention was always halfway focused on the kids and keeping them out of trouble - and we both did pretty badly. But it was still a lot of fun.
The rest of the weekend included a nice little date for Sam and me, while the kids stayed with my mom. We got to see the new Batman movie, go out to dinner, and do a little (very little bit) of shopping. And of course all of our dates end with a kid-less trip to the grocery store :)
Other highlights from this week include Kaitlyn's first swimming lessons (she's having a blast and getting so brave!) and a very fun visit from my friend Christina. I can't remember what else we've been up to, but whatever it was I'm exhausted and am taking some time "off" to recover! :) (that means no cleaning bathrooms today! LOL)

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