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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Our Little Party Planner

It was my dad's birthday on Monday. He's always too busy to celebrate so this year we had decided to skip it. But that wasn't okay with Kaitlyn. She insisted that we make him a cake and have a party. So she took it upon herself to plan it. She got Grandma to help her make the cake yesterday. Kaitlyn did all the sprinkles herself. Grandma wanted to sing Happy Birthday right then, but Kaitlyn said we HAD to have candles so we had to go back today for the party, bringing candles with us. As you can see, Grandma couldn't wait to try the cake and snuck a few bites, but that didn't seem to bother Kaitlyn. She happily added all the candles from the box.
Then we sang to Grandpa and Kaitlyn and Tyler helped him blow out the candles. It took a few tries because we had used the tricky sparkler candles - more fun for the kids that way!
One piece of cake wasn't enough for Ty. He would eat his own cake with the spoon in his left hand and use his right hand to intercept Grandpa's fork while it was on it's way to Grandpa's mouth. :)
Next on the party agenda: games! Kaitlyn had us play Hide and Seek; Duck, Duck, Goose (Tyler really liked that one and went around and around us saying "guck!" and bopping us on the head); and a water balloon toss. Then is was time for Kaitlyn's much anticipated "Show." This concept had been evolving over the week - at one point she even wanted to go to all our neighbors/friends to "sign them up" to see the Show and give them tickets. What we ended up with is Kaitlyn with a microphone on the grass "stage" having us ask her questions.
She would say things like "Grandma, ask me a question about fish." Then after Kaitlyn had given an answer she would say "good question. You get a prize!" and hand one of her paintings to Grandma. Then it was Grandpa's turn, and so on until we had all had at least 3 turns.
We finished up the party with a 4 wheeler ride back to the pasture to pet the cows where our timid Kaitlyn (this is the first year she has been daring enough to ride the noisy 4 wheeler) spent most of the time telling me to drive slower LOL.

Happy Birthday Dad! (You can tell he just loves those kiddos, can't you?)


Cheri and Sterling said...

That is so cute! Of course
Grandpa has time to celebrate his b-day when Katy worked so hard on planning it. I wonder where she gets her birthday gene from? =)

Audrey said...

How adorable. I bet your dad just loved it!

Cartier Family said...

You can tell she is your little girl! What a fun day for your dad! I'm glad she didn't let it pass by without some attention!