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Monday, August 18, 2008

Mommy Musing: Messes

So, today is Monday and in my life that usually means a full day of laundry, straightening up the house and trying to get myself organized for the week. It also means a lot of time on the computer since I need something to break up the monotony so I have been blog hopping today and have become blog happy - thus the reason for 2 posts in one day. Anyway...

I was surveying my domain this morning and was once again struck with the realization that This is My Life. See that mess? That is what my house constantly looks like - though usually even worse! I am continually cleaning up one mess after another or getting the kids set up with something (food, toys, etc) that will be yeat another mess to clean up when they are done. I'm trying to come to terms with the fact that this is how it is going to be for at least the next 4 years or so. Bleck!

But on the bright side, it does give the kids plenty of opportunity to "help" mommy and clean up after themselves. And I'm glad that for the most part they think that helping is fun. Tyler and I love the little hand vac. Though if I had known it would get this much use I would have sprung for the higher-powered Kone :)
And look at that face. Being able to stay home with those little monkey is well worth all the little frustrations and inconveniences.

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