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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Raging Waters

The only Must Do on Sam's list for this summer was taking the kids to a water park. Sam decided to play hookey from work today and we headed to Raging Waters. We had lots of fun and sun. Of course, it being a water park and us more concerned with having fun not taking photos, I once again ended up with very few photos. Such is life 'eh?
We spent most of our time doing things the kids could do, but periodically Sam would leave me with the kiddos to go try out the really exciting rides and other things. This (above) was him crossing one of the deeper pools on the ropes. I would never have had the upper body strength for that.
The majority of our day was spent in the tubes. The kids - Kaitlyn in particular - LOVED the wave pool and the lazy river. Kaitlyn insisted on being in her tube by herself the entire time so Sam spent a lot of time hanging off the edge of it since Tyler wanted to be with me anytime we were in the water. They also loved the smaller slides in the kiddie sections - of which there were many, thank goodness.
Getting more daring in the water all the time, Kaitlyn loved to go down the slides by herself. And this was Tyler's absolute favorite thing of the day. I could not get him off that green dinosaur and when I finally just pulled him off he threw a royal fit.

All in all, it was a great day. The kids had a lot of fun (our definition of a successful day :) that, and the fact that we walked away with very little sunburned patches) and Tyler didn't start feeling the nap he had missed until we were ready to leave. He was fast alseep within 3 minutes of getting in the car. We stopped on the way home and treated ourselves to milkshakes (Sam and myself) and shlushies (Kaitlyn - it HAD to be blue) The rest of us are pretty exhausted too and now that the kids are in bed I'm looking forward to heading there soon myself.

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Cheri and Sterling said...

Looks like you guys had an awesome time!