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Saturday, August 9, 2008

No Brothers Allowed!

This is the door to Kaitlyn's room. Why did I bother to post a photo of this? Because I think the story behind it is kind of funny.
Yesterday Kaitlyn had to go to time out for punching her brother (it was more of a love tap, but you gotta nip those things in the bud right?), who I think she was mad at for playing with one of her toys. When I went back to her room to get her to apologize to Ty, I found her on the floor busily constructing this sign. According to Kaitlyn it says "Tyler can't come in my room and play with my stuff." Sam and I couldn't help laughing (as opposed to being mad), and Sam thought it was amusing enough to help her tape it to the door. Here is a close up.
I came home today from my day out with The Girls to find that the other bedroom doors are now sporting their own signs. Tyler's says "no mommies, daddies, or Kaitlyn's in here" and ours is "only for mom and dad" LOL

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Jacalyn said...

I love this! Kaitlyn is hysterical. I keep telling you she will be the ring-leader, not the follower!