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Thursday, August 28, 2008

A day out with Friends

Yup, this is another post about the Discovery Gateway. Camille and I keep missing the $2 Tuesdays at Thanksgiving Point so we went with Plan B and introduced them to the children's museum. We all had a great time. And no one was bored because the always have new things there. We all thought the little TV news station (above photo) was fun.

We also got to do a little origami workshop. Photo is of Kaitlyn (the back of her head), Tyler, and Camille helping Braedon. Baby Blake is in the stroller in the background. It's good I snapped this pic at the beginning of the activity because the boys soon lost interst and went off to play with some toys in the corner. Kaitlyn however liked it a lot and was very good about following the directions and making the dog, cat, and hat all by herself.
Braedon modeling the origami hat - he was the only one that would wear one, and it came off as soon as the photo was taken.After a quick lunch we let the kids play in the fountain. They were really brave this time and had tons of fun running through and around the fountain and neither one of us moms had to get in there and get wet :)


Cheri said...

Wow, that makes 12 posts this month alone! Way to go.
Looks like you had a fun day. Discovery Gateway is so much fun. How long were you there?

Thinknpinkmom said...

That looks like a great place. I sooo want to have a fountain like that.