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Thursday, October 9, 2008


I'm opening with a photo of Ty's tootsies because I feel like it :) And because I don't have any photos of myself from yesterday - my birthday. Yep, thirty. That's how old I am now. And now that it's here it's not scary or sad, nor do I feel any wiser. If I step back and look at my life (the overall view, not all the little details that can frustrate me) I would say that I'm happy to be where I am right now. Of course I'd love to be rich, but other than that I'm happy :) I love my family, I have great friends, and when it comes right down to it what I do every day is exactly where I want to be.

It was a good birthday. Kaitlyn had enough excitement for the both of us and gave me an enthusiastic Happy Birthday hug and kiss and had great fun calling me "Birthday Girl" throughout the day. The well wishes and gifts had started the day before and kept trickling in throughout the day so that was a lot of fun. Sam and the kids gave me an IPOD (which I can't play with yet since Sam found a better version that we will be exchanging it for) and Hershey's Kisses and Hugs (that the kids have enjoyed helping me eat). After dragging myself to the gym first thing I gave myself a day off and ran away from home so I wasn't "tempted" to clean anything. We spent a good part of the day hanging out with Mom. We took the kids down to see the project my dad is working on right now. Tyler got a couple of rides in the dump truck and Kaitlyn enjoyed exploring the creek on the property. Then we went out for pizza with Wyatt. And finished up the afternoon crafting while Tyler napped.

Sam brought home dinner and this wonderfully rich Chocolate Silk pie. (The cake will be coming on Friday at the party Sam and my friend Jacalyn are throwing for me.) Then we put the kids to bed and watched a movie. Not a bad day at all.
Cute Katy quote of the day: she said this while popping up and down from behing the couch in a form of Peek-A-Boo when I asked her whe she was doing she said, "making you laugh. You're supposed to have fun on your birthday."

Oh yes - meet Squishy. This is Kaitlyn's new pet. She has been dying to find a caterpillar all summer so she can watch it build a cocoon and turn into a butterfly. And grandma finally spotted one for her yesterday. Kaitlyn was so excited and the poor thing hasn't been out of her sight for more than 10 minutes since then.


The Richards family said...

Happy birthday yesterday!! I am so sorry I knew it was coming up and I forgot. It does sound like you had a great day!!! I hope the party Friday is another great day. It sounds like Sam has made it special and it will be great!!! Happy birthday!

jacklyn said...

I had a great time at your party and every thing was very nice Thank-you. mom

Emily said...

Happy Birthday!!