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Sunday, September 28, 2008

My handy husband and Merry-Go-Round Juice

It's been quite the week. Fall is so very HERE and winter is coming fast so I've been trying to get my To Dos done - and wearing myself out in the process. I'm exhausted today. But I thought I'd share a few highlights of the past few days while I'm sitting around watching Sam make pot stickers :)
Sam has decided our closet needed an upgrade. And quite frankly he's right - I didn't take a "before" photo because it was too embarrassing with the clutter spilling out of it onto the floor. But the mess is no more (well almost - I don't have it all put away yet). Sam and his buddy Lance (thanks Lance!) spent Saturday making and installing new built-ins for my closet. And they are so good at their job - it only took them about 4 hours to do it and it looks so professional.
In order to keep the kids out of the way I ended up taking them to run errands with me then to the park. We also went to Grandpa's house for a 4 wheeler ride to kill some time. And this is the construction zone that greeted us when we got home.

And my finished closet! Double hanging and cubbies on the Right, drawers and long hanging on the left. And check out that detailing! (Ignore the ugliness on the back wall. We didn't take the time to touch it up after removing the old closet organizer. But we will get to it - eventually.)

And what (you are asking) is this de-lightful concoction? It's Kaitlyn's "Merry-Go-Round Juice." She spent about an hour the other day making it. Ingredients include water, apple pieces, nectarine pieces, carrots and frosting :) How does it taste? No idea - and I bet you wouldn't have dared try it either!
And one last photo to leave you with - Tyler laying on Sam's arm during the NASCAR race today where he had thankfully fallen back to sleep today after a short nap in the car on the way home from the city. Awwww :)


Christina said...

Aww what a nice week for you! I love the closet! It would be lovely to have a wooden closet organizer instead of the boring wireones that can be installed by any bozo, lol.

Cheri said...

Way to go Sam! The closet looks awesome. It will be so nice to get more stuff into the same amount of floor space.
Cute pic of Tyler!

Cartier Family said...

Wow! The closet looks amazing! When is Sam going to come do one at my house? Ha, ha...I'm just kidding, sort of. But seriously...4 hours! That is awesome!!!

jacklyn said...

Hay! great job. looks like Samuel will make a great finish carpenter in his old age. lol MOM

JenE said...

great closet! hopefully no more spilling out into your room now!! did the kids like the juice? sounds healthy...i might have tried it????