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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Back to School

Kaitlyn has been SO excited to start her "new school." From the time she woke up this morning she was asking (every 5 minutes!) when it would be time to go to school. So after 3 hours of that it was finally time and Kaitlyn couldn't be happier. She marched right into the room, put her backpack away, and went to play with the other kids without even stopping to tell me goodbye. She was excited to see me when I picked her up. As soon as she say me she screamed "Mommy!" then ran at me to get a big hug. Then the next words out of her mouth were "school was SO fun!" And she proceeded to tell me and grandma )who had been excited for Katy's first day too and stopped by the house so she could ride with me to pick up Kaitlyn) all about the frog puppet that made the kids laugh and laugh because instead of saying ribbit he said things like moo :)
She LOVES her Hello Kitty backpack.
And this is the quick shot I got in the classroom. She was smiling but I guess I was slow catching it and didn't realize I caught a funny face until just now.
Oh yes, one of the things Kaitlyn did to try to distract herself from thinking about school was to do Tyler's hair. She mowhawk'd the front and forgot to do anything about the cowlick in the back LOL
And here is Kaitlyn showing me the homework folder she decorated. The 2 people on the right are her and her teacher, Miss Myndi. The one on the left is Talking Tyler (as opposed to Tyler her brother - this is how she differentiates). She had drawn him because they "were supposed to draw a picture of one of their best friends."


Cartier Family said...

Where has the time gone? I can't believe it is already September and I can't believe how big Katy is now! She is growing up way too fast!!!

Cheri said...

Looks like Katy had a fun first day! Emilee had that same backpack last year!