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Friday, September 19, 2008

Butterfly Fairies and a Flying Horse with One Eye

Playing dress up is one of our daily activities this week. Kaitlyn usually opts for Butterfly Fairy Princess and tries to insist that Tyler do the same. The other day I had a fight on my hands until I could convince Katy that the yellow hard hat Tyler wanted to wear would work just fine if she PRETENDED it was a crown :) But as you can see, at other times he is perfectly happy wearing the wings and high heels. Too cute right? Sam says at some point Ty is going to hate us for taking these kinds of photos. So while none of us think it's a problem if Ty wants to dress up with Kaitlyn, I will however be shopping the deals after Halloween to find them a few more "boy" options.
The photos are from last night. When Kaitlyn talked Sam into wearing the wings he wouldn't let me take a photo. But when she added the eye patch and turned him into a horse he said it was too funny to pass up and that I'd better get a picture :)


Thinknpinkmom said...

AWww, that is just too great! :) :)

Christina said...

What a great memory for Katy, nice that you grabbed a photo! And if Ty is anything like my brother he wont care when he gets older that he liked to play with Barbies, dress up dolls. I think it just happens more when there is a 'boy/girl' set up in the house. And its the same there as it was in my house with Katy being the oldest so she has the most developed imagination at this time. My brother is still a 'manly man' but it was fun while we were kids and of course we are close now :)

Bren said...

Hey Alayna,

Its been a while. Your kids look a lot like mine! And close to the same age. How funny. Keep in touch. Send me your email address
to brenrobinson@yahoo.com ok. I will send you my real email address when I hear from you.

Audrey said...

So cute! Playful Dads are the greatest!

Thinknpinkmom said...

:) Thanks for the comment. I am really proud of him! He is learning so much, and you're right we haven't been working that long on writing, so I'm even more impressed! :)