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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Katy's Preschool Halloween Party

Kaitlyn has been so excited for her Halloween party at preschool. She wanted to get ready as much as she could by herself and I had a lot of fun watching her. First she painted her nails - pink and blue on her toes, purple and orange for her fingers. Then she worked on her make-up - lip gloss, blue eye shadow, glitter body spray that smelled like grapes and what must have been red lip liner through her eyebrows. I got as much of the stuff out of the eyebrows as I could under the guise of "making it straight" :) But really, don't you think she has a talent for this stuff?
You only get a head shot. I will post the costume shots tomorrow.
So...off she went to the party and she says she had fun though the only thing she can remember doing is eating pizza. When I picked up her up they were taking a group photo and I'm sorry to admit that I didn't even have my phone on me, let alone a camera to take a photo. So I'll have to ask her teacher to email me one.

Ty is rushing me to go outside and play so I'll leave you with this last photo - Katy trying out the glow in the dark teeth that was one of her party favors.

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