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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Witchy Day

Yesterday it was time for The Girls to get together again. This time around Alisha, Cheri, and I decided to check out the witches at Gardner Village. They do a fantastic job decorating out there and we had a great time wandering around looking at everything in and outside the shops. It happened to be the day for their kids activities - and only baby Anne with us so we didn't participate - so the place was packed with all kinds of little ones in cute costumes.

One of the funnest things to see were all the elaborate witch hats. This lady is the main witch for the village who was wandering around signing autographs but there were tons of "civilians" dected out in their own versions. I am seriously considering having us get together next year for a hat decorating day then maybe going to Witches Night (their women's only activities - takes place next weekend for anyone that may want to go check it out). We'll see.

Cheri and I spent most of our time taking photos of decorations we would like to duplicate for ourselves - tons of ideas for future craft days yay!

And I just had to share one of the photos I took of the kids last night while they were playing in the leaves. Isn't autumn just so much fun?!!

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Cartier Family said...

Too much fun! And I love all of the fun pictures from Katy's party! Hurray! I'm back online so you'll be hearing from me more regularly soon!