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Friday, December 5, 2008

Tyler is TWO!

I know I will say this every year, many times a year but...I can't believe how big Tyler is! Today my sweet little baby is two and I probably shouldn't be calling him a baby any more. My big boy is getting more independant every day. He tries to copy everything his sister does and can usually be found tagging along behind her. He is working really hard on improving his vocabulary and can say quite a few things now - including my favorite one so far, HUG! :) Ty is very affectionate and always has to be in on it if someone is getting a hug. He's full of mischief and always trying to climb up on something or teasing someone.

We love our little buddy very much. Happy Birthday Tyler!


Christina said...

Happy Birthday Ty!!

Cheri said...

Tyler hope you had a very Happy Birthday! You're turning into such a grown up little guy!