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Saturday, December 13, 2008


I'm sure you've been wondering what the elves have been up to lately, right? Yeah, thought so! :)

Well, they spent one night making snowflakes and hanging them from the ceiling in the hallway.

Kaitlyn thought this was a fabulous idea and made a whole snowstorm to hang up in her room. Kept her busy the entire day!

They hopped in the car one night. We still have no idea where they were going - and boy were they hard to find! We wouldn't have spotted them if we hadn't been headed to preschool that day. Tinsel was on the steering wheel and Twinkle had on the headphones so she could watch a movie from Ty's car seat.

The bathroom must have looked like fun. Twinkle was found using Kaitlyn's toothbrush and Tinsel must have tried out the tub because his shirt was on the floor and he was wrapped in a towel.

And this morning - more messes! Our sweet little elves had been making cookie dough. Kaitlyn said "Mom, they must not have known where to find the bowl because there is stuff all over the counter!" But we did find the bowl in the sink, their one small attempt at cleaning up I guess.


Thinknpinkmom said...

AWWWW how fun is that!!! :) :)

Callie Michelle said...

I still absolutely LOVE this idea! We're implementing it next year! I love all your creativity you have in it.