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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Oh Those Elves!

Well, Twinkle and Tinsel must feel right at home here because they're already causing trouble. Yesterday morning we found them like this. At least they had the decenty to attempt to clean up their mess :) True to her word, Kaitlyn did clean up after them without even being asked. She is loving this elf thing.
And this morning they were hiding in the stockings. When I got back from the gym, Kaitlyn greeted me with this news before even saying good morning. The papers in the middle stocking are coloring pages that Kaitlyn is convinced the elves "printed off your computer, Mom! They must have carried it back to your bedroom and you didn't wake up!" (the printer is in the bedroom but the laptop usually lived on the kitchen table) I'm glad Sam snapped a photo of them so I wasn't completely left out of the excitement this morning.


The Richards family said...

What a cute idea!! ( and I Love the stocking holder!!)

Cheri said...

It's so cute how excited they were about the Elves...messes and all! Your stocking sign looks great!