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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Early Christmas Presents

"Oma" Rhonda had to head up to Oregon early to see her new baby grandson, Miles (who was born on Tyler's birthday!). So our annual party has been postponed. And Rhonda stopped by with gifts before she left. Christmas is such a fun season! The presents were a big hit with the kids - a race track for Tyler (with 2 cars so they don't have to fight!) and a frilly nightgown and robe for Kaitlyn. Thanks Oma! (and Dave :) )

And this morning we got to start opening the 12 Days of Christmas presents from Grandma Jackson. "Another countdown!" Kaitlyn said. She is liking the countdown concept. A lot. And these kiddos are going to be Pro Present Unwrappers by Christmas Day. Just look at Ty dig in to his :)
Again, the presents were good picks and the kids have been enjoying them. Thank you Gma Jackson!
And here is our "Awwwwww!" moment from yesterday. Tyler giving Kaitlyn a hug before naptime. He insists on doing this every day and it's so cute!
And yes, my kids did spend the entire day yesterday in pjs. Then they took a bath and changed into new ones last night. I thought it was a fitting activity for the first really snowy day of December. "Snow!! Snow!!" Tyler says when he looks out the window (but when he says it, it sounds like "no" so sometimes we get confused).

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Christina said...

Ooo I love pajama days! Kayla and I have those too.