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Monday, December 15, 2008


I guess it will be a white Christmas after all! (not that I was worried) We took these photos on Saturday. Can you believe the ground had been bare the night before? The snow we got on Friday melted by the evening. Now winter has hit, and hit us hard. But I'm not complaining. Nope. Nuh-uh. The complaining will start in January :)

After a fun morning at the pool, followed by naps for everyone (except me), and after rolling out and baking the cookie dough the elves had mixed up for us, the kids spent a bit of time outside in the snow. They had snowball fights, made snow angels, and even got a ride to the mailbox and back on a sled. Notice I'm not in these photos? Yeah, you aren't catching me out in that! :) I stepped outside long enough to snap a few pictures then retreated back inside to keep an eye on the cookies. But doesn't Tyler look adorable all bundled up?

And here is your laugh for the day:
Have I told you about Ty's obsession with hats? I guess for those times when you just HAVE to have something on your head, a box is a good substitute! :) (yes, he put it on his head all by himself and called it a hat)


Callie Michelle said...

We finally have snow too, and it just keeps coming!! I'm sooo excited!! Unlike you though, you will see me out in it! I LOVE the stuff!

JenE said...

loving the hat! keep the snow...just cold rain here in NJ!