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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Almost there!

The past week or so has been a modge podge of cleaning, getting ready for Christmas, and going to parties, and oh yes trying to stay inside while it snows, snows, and snows some more. The excitement around the house has really been building as we try to keep ourselves busy. Everyone is fully aware that Santa comes TOMORROW NIGHT, right? Ok, just checking.

So here are a few quick pics to kind of recap our week. The one above is Kaitlyn in the Snow Tunnel she and Sam made the other day while he was out shoveling the yard. Since then, whenever we go out (on the sled) to get the mail she tries to expand the opening a bit more before coming inside. I think all that she accomplishes is a cave-in but at least she's having fun.
This is Tyler's new favorite hat. He got it from my Aunt Lenore, Uncle Brian, and their boys, who were all up here visiting this weekend. Kaitlyn just LOVES playing with the boys.
We all had a big family dinner on Sunday night, then played Blackjack and let the kids open presents. They each got beanies, a book, and a toy - so generous! and great present picker-outers too! Kaitlyn said "I don't know how they knew that I liked unicorns!" And Tyler, well he didn't take off his tractor hat until he was actually IN bed that night. He now insists on wearing it whenever he sees it, and ALWAYS wears it when he puts on his coat. He insists on wearing his gloves outside too, even if we are just doing a quick car ride to grandma's. I should probably be thankful he likes to get all bundled up right? I'm sure there are plenty of 2 year olds out there that hate to wear their hats and gloves.
And here is Kaitlyn. She insisted on posing for the camera too when I snapped the photo of Ty and his hat.

And that's it from me today. I have to go make some eggnog ice cream for tomorrow night. We are hoping to pick up some hot chocolate and go see the lights tonight - if we can find any good ones. Wish us luck - that it doesn't snow and ruin our plans, and that people in the valley have been in a festive mood and put up their lights. We have very few that have done so in our neighborhood :(
We wish you a very merry Christmas! I hope you all have a wonderful holiday - and that everyone made it onto Santa's "Nice" list! :)

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Callie Michelle said...

Mmmmm... Eggnog Icecream! That sounds fabulous!! Hope you guys had a very merry christmas!