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Monday, December 8, 2008


Tonight was the town tree lighting celebration. Such a nice, small town thing that we started attending last year and (I have decided) will become one of our yearly traditions. The kids get to see Santa (without standing in a long line to do so), have a horse/sleigh ride, and finish up with hot chocolate and cookies. Kaitlyn has been so excited to see Santa, claiming she wasn't going to be scared and telling Tyler he didn't need to be either. And she wasn't. She went right up to him and sat on his lap and happily told him she wanted "an Aurora doll." She usually includes "with a horse" when she talks about it but at the last minute she decided she didn't want to ask for too much. :) Tyler wasn't too happy about sitting on Santa's lap, but as soon as he had the candy cane he was content long enough to pose for a photo. He has an obsession with candy canes today and has been climbing over the fence all day to try to sneak them off the presents that I had tied some to.
It had also decided to snow on us today and what had been bare ground just this morning (I know! can you believe it held off this long?) was nicely covered in new-fallen snow. And it continued to slowly fall on us during the sleigh ride.
It was a great way to end a pretty good day. Too bad we pushed our luck and went to the diner for dinner and the kids couldn't seem to sit still for 2 seconds!
Kaitlyn would probably like me to share with you what the elves brought them today. She's been so excited/happy that she tells everyone she comes into contact with. This morning we found the elves in the process of decorating 2 mini Christmas trees. Kaitlyn had a great time finishing up the decorating for them and installing the trees in her room and Tyler's room. And those elves are just so great - they even brought Hello Kitty "jewels" for Kaitlyn's tree!


Cheri said...

Looks like the kids enjoyed Santa and decorating their little trees! Those elves sure are clever!

Cartier Family said...

Too much fun! I'm thinking those elves need to come visit our house when Anne gets a little older! =)