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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Kaitlyn has been asking for at least a couple weeks now if I think the lephrechaun would bring her something - specifially a new Tinkerbell doll just like last year since the old one has a broken wing. And sure enough the leprechaun DID visit (but without Tink in tow). Kaitlyn was excited to find a small pot of quarters and candy outside her and Tyler's bedroom door. And even more excited to find that a trail of gold coins led from the pots down the hall and into a corner of the living room where a couple of new toys were hiding.

Katy got Barbie clothes and Ty got a Cars (the movie) magnetic play set. That silly leprechaun even dyed the milk green so we all had green milk on our cereal.

The kids also got new green shirts from me and their Dad. I almost forgot to take a picture of them but did grab the camera as we were headed out the door to take Katy to preschool. As you can see, Ty wasn't very happy about something - that was kind of a trend today. He was either cranky, whining, or busy making a huge mess. Kaitlyn, on the other hand, had a terrific day. They had a treasure hunt at preschool. And the rest of her day she was just so happy and pleasant - not just her normal self but unbelievably happy and helpful. I guess St Pat's really is magical when you're 5.

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Cheri said...

Very Fun and Cute ideas!!!