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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Feeding with Grandpa

Feeding the cows is not exactly my idea of fun, but for Tyler it's the highlight of his day. So for the 3rd day in a row, I let myself get talked into helping Dad feed yesterday - mostly because he said he wanted to get pictures of Tyler shutting the gate all by himself (and you know I can't resist a photo op!). So we get bundled up and off we go. They do the routine - one I will do a detailed photo shoot of soon because watching Ty do everything is just so darn cute.

I got some decent shots of Tyler kicking the hay to the horses. Then we head out to feed the cows, where we notice that one of the cows was in labor. (do they call it that with cows??) We proceeded to finish up the feeding and the cow still hadn't popped out that calf so Dad decided it was time to give her some help. We took Tyler back to the house, loaded up the calf pulling equipment, and headed back out to the field. This is the point where I was kicking myself for going feeding and ending up having to help with what I viewed would be a not so pleasant task. Can you believe I have never actually had to help with that particular task? Nope, not in all my years growing up. I know Dad did it and I even remember seeing him working on one or two from afar. But the thought of being up close and personal....ew.
So we get the chute ready and drive the poor cow across the field - with me driving the backhoe and trying to stay by the side of her so she didn't bolt out into the field and Dad trotting behind to keep her moving - and into the corral. Easy peasy huh? Yeah - Dad only got over-stressed and yelled once :) (and if you know my Dad you know that in a time of stress that is unbelievable). Got her secured in the chute, hooked the ropes and stuff to the calf's feet that were sticking out, pulled a bit and viola! Actually Dad did all of that. Me, I just did the really helpful things like hold the tail LOL. But I have to say it was a bit of an education and a testament to Dad's abilities that it really did go that smoothly. And the cow, a first time mommy, didn't even protest a bit and jumped right into her role as a mom.

Dad says the calf is doing great today (no I didn't let myself get talked into feeding this time!). And Tyler even got to give it a hug :)

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Cheri said...

It's good Tyler likes to help Grandpa! And so fun that you got to see a calf born!