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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Czar and Robin's Wedding

They finally did it! Czar and Robin are married!

We left Disneyland at 6:15 AM Friday morning and headed up to northern CA for Czar and Robin's wedding. We arrived in time to help with some of the last minute set up, missing lunchtime in the process (we didn't realize this until that night at the hotel. Poor kids!) due to a quick stop for ice cream and then the kids took early naps in the car.

Robin asked me to play photographer for the wedding - PLAY being the operative word. I think I caught all the moments that should be documented but you can tell I'm not even close to being a professional. I see photography classes in my future :) So, that's why I have more than the usual number of photos a guest would normally take at a wedding. That said, I still managed plenty of photos of the kiddos and am including a lot of them - because it's my blog and I can!

Kaitlyn was a flower girl and did a terrific job. (She's a bit...moody and we were worried she would try to back out of it) Sam, of course, was one of the groomsmen. And Tyler got to hang out with his newfound friend, Andrea (Sam's cousin). Thanks a bunch Andrea!

Congratulations Czar and Robin!

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