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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Beach

After all the wedding craziness and the Go Go Go of Disneyland, we spent a nice and very relaxing day at the beach on Saturday. We went with Sam's aunt, Jerilyn and her family, along with Colette, Dale and the boys - so much fun to have such a large group. And the added bonus was that the kids had so many people to play with that all Sam and I had to do was sit on the beach and keep an eye on things (and make the occasional trip to the bathroom with Kaitlyn). It was so great!
It was almost a 2 hour drive, through the scenic Napa Valley. Jerilyn rode with us on the way there and played tour guide. The ride wasn't quite as nice on the way home since Ty was overtired and cried the last 40 minutes - but we're going to forget that part and focus on the fun :)

We grabbed sandwiches from Subway on the way and had a picnic up by the car before heading down to the sand. The kids (Sam among them for a while) entertained themselves with building sandcastles and digging big holes (which Ty then enjoyed climbing in and out of for the rest of the day) and running in and out of the (very cold) waves. The day started out chilly but it was soon warm enough to change the kids into their swimming suits and soak up the sun. Perfect.

A big thanks to Jerilyn and Paul for taking us to the beach! And thank you, Jerilyn, for spending your birthday with us. I hope it was an enjoyable one. (Did you get your cake?? :) )

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Cheri said...

You're so lucky to get to just sit and enjoy the beach. What a wonderful day for you and Sam!!!!