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Friday, January 9, 2009


We have been stuck at home this week, due to icky colds. Tyler had the hardest time sleeping so I have been pretty much a walking zombie. Ty seems to have conquered the cold and has managed to sleep through the last two nights - WOOHOO! (I'm doin' the happy dance here!). And it never seemed to get to Kaitlyn very much. I on the other hand am still in the "I think it's getting worse" phase. Oh well, at least the kids are feeling better.

So of course I haven't managed to leave the house this week for anything other than a quick run to preschool or Mom's house since Sunday. I made a huge mess and did a lot of scrapbooking, but I was going a bit crazy by yesterday. So I spent the morning doing projects with Mom while the kids played with Dad (so cute!) then the afternoon doing more scrapbooking with Dari. It felt really good. Today I am hoping to venture out to do some shopping - groceries at the very least.

So here are a few pic of the week:
Ty practicing his arabesque. He climbed into the drawer after this shot :)

Talking on the phone to Daddy
Kaitlyn modeling one of the new ornaments Mom bought for me. I'm working on collecting enough to redo the theme for my Christmas tree next year. And Mom has managed to hit a lot more of the after-Christmas sales than I have - much to my disappointment.
Playing with grandpa yesterday.

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Audrey said...

I feel your pain. I have been really sick since Sunday and Scott's been out of town since Monday. First I had the flu, then it turned into a cold. Luckily none of the kids have gotten it yet. So, so much for my idea of having you come down so we could scrapbook while Scott was gone. I will just have to do it today alone with my sick self.