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Friday, November 28, 2008


Well, the time for Thanksgiving dinner did finally arrive. My family was happy to let us experiment on them with most of the dishes - our first time making cranberry sauce, oyster stuffing, smoking the turkey, and my first ever attempt at completely home made rolls. Everything seems to have turned out nicely, though we were secretly afraid the turkey wasn't done enough and we'd all go home with food poisoning! :)
But I think the turkey was ok, as well as delicious. Good job Sam! (Don't worry, the skin is supposed to look like a crispy critter when you smoke it)

The funny part of the night was when Tyler spotted the lighted candles. He decided they just HAD to be blown out and stood up on his chair to try to reach them. He kept blowing and blowing (spitting on my food in the process I'm sure) until we finally just blew them out for him.

Kaitlyn (our picky picky eater - well, one of them) was very brave and tried turkey with cranberry sauce - and liked it! Oh I'm so happy that she's getting to a point where she is willing to try new things once in a while. And Tyler, well I think his dinner consisted of potato chips and Oreo pie.

Mom made the yummy pies - Oreo, eggnog, banana cream (ok, I helped her with that one the night before), and of course pumpkin. We were all completely stuffed after trying a bit of each kind.

We finished up the night with Grandpa on kid duty watching Ice Age and the rest of us playing a card game. All in all a good Thankgsiving seems to have been had by all. I hope yours was just as enjoyable.

Now bring on Christmas!!!


Cartier Family said...

So much fun! It all looks great!

Cheri said...

Looks like you had a great day! The table looks nice.

Cheri said...

P.S. Eggnog pie sounds yummy! Could you send me the recipe?