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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Being Prepared

Isn't he cute?! :) That's their favorite way to torture their Daddy (and sometimes me) lately - clinging to his leg while he tries to walk around.

I'm blogging today because silly me, I did too much Thanksgiving prep ahead of time and am now sitting around with nothing to do. I guess I deserve the break but I'm not enjoying the down time. I feel like I should be partying NOW instead of still having 3 or more hours to go before people arrive.
How did I manage to end up this way, you ask? Well, we spent all day Sunday super cleaning the house. We also picked up all the groceries then - giving us plenty of time to run back to the store twice this week when we realized we were missing something. I made the floral arrangements Wednesday (they're really no big deal anyway - I don't think I'm "into" Thanksgiving decorating). Did the regular house cleaning yesterday. And sent the kids to Mom's house this morning because they were too hyper to allow us to get anything done :) Oh, and though we usually have the Thanksgiving meal for lunch it has been pushed to dinner this year so Bonnie and Larry could make the long drive from CO today.

Anyway, I will quit babbling and wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving. So - HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Enjoy this last photo of Ty - I took it this morning after finding he had climbed into the sink and was using the sponge on everything within reach.

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Christina said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy your down time...all too soon it will be time to clean it all up!