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Friday, November 7, 2008


"Mom, do you know what I'm thankful for?" Kaitlyn says out of the blue tonight (though it's possible Sprout had just been discussing it - I try to tune out the TV as much as possible). "I'm thankful for my brother. Because he's going to have a birthday soon."

Can everyone say "awww..." :) She then proceeded to ask the rest of us what we were thankful for, including Tyler who answered her by stuffing his mouth full of goldfish crackers.


The Richards family said...

Awww, That is cute!! Don't you love those moments ( in between the fighting and screaming) It makes it so worth it!!

Cheri said...

Kids say the cutest things sometimes! I love blogs so you can record when they say cute things that you'd normally forget. Thaks for sharing!

jacklyn said...

I'm thankful that Kaitlyn's brother is going to have a birthday soon also. What a sweet big sister. Love Grandma J.