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Monday, August 31, 2009

Kaitlyn started Kindergarten!

It's here! Kaitlyn's long-awaited first day of school. We've all been so excited for her.
First day of school was Wed (Aug 26th). We started it off with blueberry pancakes in ABC shapes, topped with whipped cream from a can (is that a special treat for anyone else? because we love that silly stuff around here but rarely buy it).

Here's our little sweetie all set for her first day of school.

And there's her faithful little brother, trying to be just like her. (he pretty much insists on wearing his backpack every morning when we walk her to the bus stop)

Kaitlyn had decided that she wanted to ride the bus to school (I think that was #1 on the things she was looking forward to). So Ty and I drove out to the bus stop and watched her get on the bus.

Then we drove up to the school and watched her get off the bus because she wanted me to walk her into her class the first day.

I'm so proud of my little girl! She's so excited to learn and start growing up, and totally unafraid of all the new things coming her way.
I have to say I'm pretty proud of myself too - no tears! Just a twinge when I think of how fast she's growing up. I did think it was a bit amusing standing around outside the playground on the first day, among all the parents who so obviously had separation anxiety watching their children, who were very obviously unaffected by the whole thing. Ahh, school.

So, her first day was a big success. Kaitlyn bounced off the bus full stories and happiness, exited at the thought of going again the next day. And today, as she has completed her 3rd day of school, I am being entertained with stories of her new friend in the red shirt (Kate is notorious for not bothering to learn/remember her friends names) and songs about the color red, and who she sat by on the bus...

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