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Monday, August 31, 2009

Camping (again!)

So we found a good deal on sleeping bags and air beds and decided that since the first camping trip went ok we would be trying it again many times and may as well purchase some of our own. But silly us, instead of saving everything to give to ourselves for Christmas I let Sam convince me that we needed to get some use out of them this year. So this past weekend we were once again off to the moutains.

And since I am well aware that I tend to over-narrate things, I will try to let the photos speak for themselves. Well, mostly... :)

Friday night: set up camp at Moosehorn Lake, roast hot dogs and marshmallows. Katy loves the fact that she can roast marshmallows on her own. And thinks she does a better job at it than me so is always offering to make me one. Ty likes to burn them then try to get us to eat them while eating only "raw" ones himself.

Saturday: woke up early after a sleepless night for everyone except Kaitlyn who revels in the whole tent/sleeping bag thing. Fishing. Caught 2 fish, kept one. Got lots of bites from others and considered it a success. Katy loves the fish, loves touching it, etc etc. Ty thinks it's interesting but doesn't want to get too near it. Both kids love exploring and playing in the dirt, rocks, and water.

This rock was right by the fire pit in our campsite. The kids loved it for climbing on, running their "monster trucks" (Ty's latest obsession - ask him what he is and he'll tell you a MONSTER TRUCK!) up and down.
We attempted to make rootbeer. Left the dry ice go too long before starting it though so we didn't get enough bubbles. Oh well, the kids still loved it and drank glass after glass.
Dinner: chili cooked in the can for the kids. Kaitlyn thought that was so cool. Sam and I ate off sticks again - yummy kebabs this time. Then we did marshmallows/smores again. I think in this shot Sam was trying to catch the marshmallow (ok marshmallowS - there were 2!) I caught on fire. Kaitlyn thought it was funny and again offered to make one for me...then promptly caught hers on fire and that was the end of that!
I have to say - thank goodness for marshmallows! Before this point everyone was getting a bit cranky. In fact Sam and I were seriously considering packing up to go home after Ty had his 2nd potty accident in 5 minutes and a whole series of crying spells. But the sugar made everyone happier and we had a great time the rest of the night.

Saturday night: again interrupted sleep even though Ty was sleeping in my bag with me and not as cold, thus not as restless. Heard an elk at least 3-4 times. Got rained on a bit. Looking forward to sleeping in own bed!
Sunday morning: packed up camp. Stopped at Provo Falls on the way home.

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Audrey said...

How fun! Camping with kids is so much work, but even more fun.