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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Parent Teacher Conference

Uh huh. They start those things in preschool, at least on an optional basis. And of course I was excited to hear how Katy has been doing so I scheduled an appointment last week. Her teacher had nothing but good, no, terrific things to say about Kaitlyn. She stays on task, she learns quickly and fully grasps everything she needs to know at this point, she plays well with others, never gets in trouble (though she has had a couple of emotional moments and cried in class - most notably right after Sam left for TX), always gives her teacher hugs. And most flattering (to me, the parent), her teacher advised us to have her tested for the "T1" Kindergarten class, which is supposedly a bit more advanced (if there is such a thing in good old SS Elementary). I'm still on the fence about if I actually want to put her into it since it would be a full day of class every day instead of easing her into it with the regular half-days (that's already a big change from the 2 hours/2 days per week we are at now) but boy it is fun knowing someone (other than her parents and grandparents) thinks she is over-the-top smart :) Go Kaitlyn!
Oh - and the E's up there on the "report card" stand for Excellent :)

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Cheri said...

Way to go Katy! We just had a parent teacher conference for Aubrie. She's also doing very well!