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Monday, February 16, 2009


I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentines Day. Ours was pleasant, though not extravagant. I did try my best to add some fun little touches here and there for the kids. Sam got an email card and a not that said "buy yourself a new Ipod" (since his was stolen Friday) - aren't I just so romantic? LOL

Ok - Here is our Valentines Day in photos. I'm excited to see if I can tell the difference in quality between the ones I took with the old camera and the ones from the new camera.

Opening cards and presents. *not pictured the pink lumps that were supposed to be heart-shaped muffins

taking a bath to try out the new water tints that were part of the presents

Poor sick Katy, resting on Grandma (who was playing computer games) after a morning of shopping/errands. What a trooper

messing around with the new camera

dinner with the family
chocolate covered strawberries for dessert. And stealing a few chocolate cherries from Grandpa's Valentines box.

*also not pictured - a peaceful end of the evening, just me and a movie after the kids were in bed


Cheri said...

Looks like you made V-Day fun for the kids! Too bad about Sam's IPOD getting stolen.

Cheri said...

P.S. Your wallpaper for your blog looks super cute!