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Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Our crazy weather finally gave us some sunshine for a few days and we decided to make the most of it. Saturday we did yard work then after lunch we took the kids to Rockcliff campground and Nature Center (by Jordanelle Reservoir). The river looked really full and we were wondering if it would have any flooding under the boardwalks. Nope, no flooding, or if it had it did so earlier. But we all enjoyed the scenery anyway. Kaitlyn skipped along holding my hand and saying things like "this is beautiful! This is awesome!" over and over as we walked along the boardwalk. And Tyler had a lot of fun riding on Sam's shoulders. The kids also liked seeing the "stuffed" animals in the nature center, though the bears scared them both.

We had promised Grandma Jackson some one on one time with the kids so Sunday we went down there for lunch. Then we all piled in the car to go feed the ducks at a nearby lake. Kaitlyn thought that was SO fun! I think we went through and entire bag of hot dog buns and 3 or 4 bagels before we decided the ducks and geese should be getting full Tyler kept getting mad that we didn't let him as close to the water as he wanted to be. But our little dare-devil had lots of fun on the playground. Both of them did of course, but Tyler was all over the place.

On Monday, with the sun still shining Kaitlyn decided it was swimming day. She had her swimming suit and sunscreen on by 8:00 AM. I didn't let her in the pool until 11 and even then I had to cart many many bucketss full of hot water out there to make the water closer to room temp than freezing. (note to self: next house we get, put hot water tap in garage that you can attach hose to!) Kaitlyn has lots of fun jumping in and out of the pool, and sliding down the slide into it. Tyler however was intimidated and didn't get any further than dipping a toe into the pool. He decided to just play in the sandbox instead.

After naps Katy did another round of swimming. In fact, we couldn't get the swimming suit off Kaitlyn until bathtime.
I have to admit that after all that time outside I'm glad that today is overcast and I can stay inside. If only I could convince Kaitlyn once and for all that it's too cold for the pool...

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Christina said...

Yikes you carried hot water outside for swimming? Your so crazy! I cant even imagine. LOL You got some great photos though...scrapping time